I start out by taking pictures of the subject. This is, of course, under computer control. That way, I don't have to keep running out to the garden and taking pictures. Most of my pictures are from a webcam at 640x480 resolution. I wrote some software to take still pictures. I store all of these digital photos on a hard drive. At the time of this writing, about 100GB of photo data. Some of the high resolution movies are done using a Canon digital camera. Most of the Canon digital cameras can be controlled using the correct Linux software. If you know of other cameras that can be used for "remote capture" using Linux, please drop me a line. I've used the Canon A60 and the Canon A520 cameras successfully. I'm aware that most of the other Canon A series should work. After taking the pictures, I process the frames, one by one, to prepare them for the movie. I do this using some software I created for manipulating the frames. For example, for some of the movies, I throw away a lot of frames because some of the frames are not in good lighting conditions or there are more frames than required. After processing the frames, I use one of the available "encoder" programs on Linux to turn a sequence of still frames into an mpeg file.

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