What is PumpkinCam? The best way to figure out is to start poking around this web site. PumpkinCam is where garden meets webcam, all in the name of science! My mission for this web site is to record data, photos, and otherwise interesting information about pumpkins and pumpkin growing. It's not just another giant pumpkin web site. Find photos of Atlantic Giant pumpkins, time-lapse movies, temperature and weather data, progress and success stories, and all kinds of pumpkin experiments. Since this is the Pacific Northwest, a slug or two might make an appearance. Let's have some fun with pumpkins!

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Pumpkin Weigh-off, Canby, OR
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Timelapse Movies
Time to start growing A previous year's pumpkin growing. Click to see the time-lapse:

A year in the yard Here's a 365-day view of the yard and pumpkin patch. Click to see the time-lapse:

SLUGFEST! Ever wonder what slugs look like when you really speed them up? Have a look:

Photos and other Recent Items
Starting your pumpkins yet?
Last year's pumpkins.
Random picture from the archive:
The week's temperature trend:

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