2001 Hardware Pictures

Thumbnail camera, coldframe, thermostat, marigold Thumbnail heater in the coldframe Thumbnail thermostats Thumbnail inside vine and computer Thumbnail computer in the coldframe Thumbnail computer that runs PumpkinCam Thumbnail computer and hardware Thumbnail lighting for night shots Thumbnail prototype computer-controlled watering Thumbnail drip water system Thumbnail water spiggot Thumbnail computer by the garden Thumbnail artificial lighting Thumbnail homemade camera and lighting Thumbnail home made camera enclosure on tripod Thumbnail computer on a cart Thumbnail computer connections Thumbnail artificial lighting power supply Thumbnail computer on the cart Thumbnail temperature sensor Thumbnail camera on a tripod Thumbnail camera on a tripod Thumbnail camera #2 on a tripod Thumbnail camera showing the 3-mile meltdown Thumbnail lighting and camera Thumbnail lighting stand Thumbnail lighting stand base Thumbnail artificial lighting stand Thumbnail Jeff with artificial lighting stand Thumbnail detail of artificial lighting stand Thumbnail base of lighting stand Thumbnail rolling cart for computer Thumbnail camera, lighting, and computer cart Thumbnail amaryllis, thermostat and cam1 Thumbnail camera and amaryllis plant Thumbnail network cable entering the house Thumbnail camera 1 aimed at marigold plant Thumbnail one of the web cams in action Thumbnail closeup of 'gourd', the computer Thumbnail a picture of 'gourd', the computer Thumbnail Jeff and the coldframe/computer power cable Thumbnail power for the pumpkin patch

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